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About Nancy

Are you living the life you really want?


Nancy Griffin, the Body Wise Coach,

helps people stay in touch with the very core of their beings!  Her enthusiasm is said to be like lightning bolts that jar people into awareness to live their lives to the fullest!”

Nancy is a TV personality,  an award winning creator of Skinny Jeans Forever exercise DVDs.  She is, a health coach, certified personal trainer, author, blogger and inspirational speaker.


Nancy's inspirational fitness TV show and videos have brought golf pros, healers and exercise enthusiasts together.  In addition to her own TV show, Nancy has appeared on Pittsburgh Today with her trendsetting exercice programs.  The creator of iHOOPilates and Kettlelates, she has also authored the exercise book, Secrets to Better Golf, and specializes in Pilates, Booty Barre and Golf Fitness.  


Passionate, Upbeat, and Movitator, all describe this Fitness guru of nearly 20 years.  Nancy is a true motivator and stand-out trainer!

This guru has a gift for inspiring and entertaining groups with stories of overcoming trials and coming out stronger on the other side! 

Nancy is an expert at creating innovative, upbeat programming for individuals over 40 who have fallen out of shape due to a life event. Some of her  specialties are inspiring and motivating clients to engage in healthier eating habits and a more active lifestyle!


Her pilates based workouts make clients laugh while lifting their booty and spirits. Bonus! While working with Nancy you will catch her energy and positive mindset! Contact



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